Best Gcse Option Choices

Best gcse option choices

Although you do get to choose most your GCSE options, there are some subjects that are compulsory. These are known as core GCSE subjects and include: Maths; English Is college the best option they say i say pdf English Literature; Welsh (if you live in Wales) Sciences (either single, double or triple science) The core science GCSE subjects are biology, physics and chemistry.


You need to choose at least one core science. Picking your GCSE options is an exciting time. Here's a quick guide about compulsory subjects, what you can choose, and more to help you make your decision.

4 reserve choices (ranked) This means you have the choice of 4 GCSE options, which is more than most schools in the UK. We ask you to rank your choices, so we prioritise your top choices. We will try our best to get you your top 4 choices, but sometimes this isn’t possible because of the combination of options you have made, or due to class.

GCSE subject choices will vary from school to school. Usually, the subjects are put into groups and students are required to choose a subject from each group. This includes a ‘free choice’ which is usually any subject from any other group.

For example, a student may want to take Geography and History. Help with choosing GCSE options - My GCSE choices. · Flea’s first two GCSE options are history and french. These academic subjects will be balanced by photography. And finally, Flea would like to take RPE (Religion, Philosophical and Ethical Studies) which she loves studying now. The answers to these questions will to some extent determine the best Level 2/GSCE options for your young person. Making choices GCSE and Level 2 option choices can affect pupils’ educational direction, whether that be going on to sixth form or college at 16, securing further training and apprenticeships, and.

· Using Plotr the free online careers website, students can explore the links between the GCSE options they might choose and the career they might want.

This is a 60 minute lesson plan that can be adapted for a shorter lesson. On the Plotr website you will also find a range of brilliant careers posters linking GCSE subjects to a range of careers. DD has chosen her GCSE options, she is in the top set for Maths, English and Science. She’s chosen Spanish, BTEC Music, BTEC Performing Arts and Textiles. I don’t want to seem disappointed to her but personally I think she’s chosen 3 really “soft” subjects.

She has four option choices on top of the core compulsory ones. There are lots of subjects that she can choose from, and I'm afraid I can't remember all of them, but she would definitely choose French, History and Drama. She is just stuck with the last choice - hovering between triple science, geography or. options. Advice in Choosing Options. The Deputy Head (Academic) will speak to pupils on Tuesday 7th January to explain the GCSE programme and option choices.

There are three basic principles to bear in mind when choosing options: 1. Career Intentions. This may be a factor in some cases, although our core curriculum is. Tinies Education Special: When it comes to decisions, choosing GCSE options is not one of the easiest to make.

These expert tips will help you guide your child towards making the best GCSE subject choices. Your school’s selection of GCSE subjects. Obviously you can only choose the subjects that your school has to offer. Before you make any steps, you should speak to your school and see what subject options are available to you.

It may also be worth asking your teachers or tutor about what GCSE subjects they would recommend you take. GCSE Option Choice Process. THE OPTION CHOICE PROCESS. In Syntax and Poetry core subjects are taken by all students, then they choose four additional subjects to begin the process of personalising their learning which will be developed further on entry into Rhetoric (Sixth Form). option blocks. FINAL CHOICES ARE MADE TOP 5 CHOICES FOR GCSE SUBJECTS Having discussed and considered carefully, pupils complete their 3 choices and 2 reserves.

OPTION BLOCKS ARE CREATED OPTIONS LAUNCH EVENING Presentation about GCSE choices where pupils and parents can talk to teachers.

RECEIVE OPTIONS BOOKLET INITIAL IDEAS FOR GCSE SUBJECTS. Choosing GCSE Options. Key Stage 4 Options: Year 9 into Year Our role in this meeting will be to discuss the option choices you are considering and, in this context, to offer advice and guidance on what we would consider the most appropriate option choices.

(The school may have a range of non-GCSE options like BTECs.

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Your child can still apply to university if they’re taking BTECs at GCSE level, or BTECs instead of A-levels.) A final checklist for your child’s list of GCSE choices. Does it Have a good general spread of subjects (so not pure science and maths, and not pure art or sport)? · This is a quiz for people who are choosing their A Level/GCSE options. Disclaimer: This is just for fun October 5, · 1, takers. School & Academics Option Levels Gcses Report.

Add to library» Discussion» Follow. Open choices (for a variety of different career options) Don’t panic if you haven’t yet decided on your future career, this is normal.

If you are still unsure of your future plans, you may like to choose a variety of different subjects to have open access to different options. English baccalaureate (Ebacc) subjects are also recommended.

Best Gcse Option Choices. How To Choose Your GCSEs: An Expert Guide To Finding The ...

important transition period of GCSE option choices, enabling them to move smoothly into Year 10 with the minimum of anxiety and with a feeling of anticipation for the exciting challenges to follow. The principal aims of the department are to help you begin to develop an understanding and. Baccalaureate (EBacc), and help keep options for young people open: —English language and English literature —Maths —Science.

Combined science or 3 single sciences from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer science —History or Geography —A language. Ancient or modern.

Best gcse option choices

HELP YOUR CHILD MAKE. THE BEST GCSE CHOICES. · The GCSE science conundrum. GCSE science is a compulsory option, but you can choose to study it in different ways: Core: a single science GCSE, covering biology, chemistry and physics.

Double Award (or ‘Dual Award’): worth two GCSEs (Core and Additional), covering all three subjects in more depth. Triple Award: three stand-alone GCSEs, one each in biology, chemistry and. For example, in some schools option choices are made in year 8 as opposed to year 9 and some GCSE exams are taken a year early in year 10, rather than year Career Planning. Many students in year 9 make decisions at this time of year with regards what GCSE choices.

Your gcse options don't really matter, it's your a-levels that dictate what you are able to do in the future in university e.t.c.

(i was told this when i picked my gcse options but didn't really listen and lowkey regretted it) But, i would suggest that you should definitely think about doing double or triple science, as to be a doctor you must have biology and chemistry as a-levels and to do. Re: GCSE Pathways and options choices Dear Parents and Carers, I hope that you are all well. As you will know your child is due to choose their GCSE option subjects for the next two years.

This is an important decision for your child and we have tried to make that process as simple as possible for them. GCSEs - Optional choices. Optional subjects vary from school to school but you should be offered at least one course in each of four groups of subjects Arts; Design and Technology; Humanities; Modern Foreign Languages.

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very best to ensure that all options will be available. Options: Questions and Answers 2. Options: A discussion with the Careers Advisor about GCSE options Option choices.

7. Thursday 26th March Completed option forms handed in to Form. The Careers Service provides an impartial, all-age careers information, advice and guidance service, to help young people and adults make informed choices ab.

In a few short months, 13 and 14 year olds around the country will have to decide which subjects they wish to start pursuing at GCSE level in September. I remember many years ago the day I received my GCSE subject choices form. It seemed an important and difficult task: four columns of subjects, and I was only allowed to underline one in each set. GCSE Options 17 Art & Design 18 19 Business Computing 20 Dance 21 Drama In exceptional circumstances a student may be permitted to make a change to her option choices in the % attendance is outstanding and gives your daughter the very best chance of success.

96 - 98% attendance is considered to be good. What to consider when choosing GCSE options. In some respects, your child’s GCSE options may seem relatively unimportant; after all, they can specialise later at A level or at university. But although their GCSE choices are unlikely to have much impact on their future direction, it still pays to invest some time in making the right choices. likely choices, whilst others will be considering how best to decide between the options that are available.

In either case, with the help and support from your teachers at Putney High School and your parents, I am certain that you will feel confident in your choices, and that you will go on to succeed in these subjects at GCSE.

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By agreeing you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Before choosing your GCSE subjects you should be aware of choosing subjects which may affect your choices at a later stage, for example, double award science is essential for careers related to medicine but it will also give you many other options.

Making choices. You'll have many options in Year 10, but there are some subjects so important. Ever wondered what options you should take?

Here's the soultion Take this quiz! Whats your Fave Sport? Whats your fave subject? Who are you in the group? How would you describe yourself? Would you like to vary your option choices, or keep it focused in one area?

What do you see yourself doing in the future? Lastly, how do you think you cope.

Best gcse option choices

The thing is, their first choices as options are Art and Drama (I'd be happy for them to do one, but to do both feels like they're throwing opportunities away as they're both academically bright too). Best GCSE Revison Guides??? GCSE Maths 1st Module: Choosing options in year 8: GCSE's for Yr 10's: Truanting 16 year old about to be banned. This option system is designed to enable students to study a balanced, broad-based academic curriculum.

Most of our GCSE students go on to study A Levels and eventually a degree. The options available at university depend on the choice of A Level subjects and on the breadth of GCSE subjects so these subjects must therefore be chosen with care.

Advice and guidance on A-level subject and course choice from The Uni Guide. Find out the best A-level options to take for your future career path. Read our comparison guide to help you decide on the next options you should pursue. 25 September Shape your next steps with well thought-out GCSE choices. Clearing and results day.

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Exam. How do you decide what subjects to study for your GCSEs? In this short clips video, people reflect on their choices and how they influenced their future dire. in the build-up towards making GCSE option choices. ‘Fast Tomato’, an online careers resource, is used with the help of the Careers Advisor to inform GCSE choices. During the Fourth Form all Stoics continue to use ‘Fast Tomato’, this time as a Careers Guidance programme, comprising a psychometric assessment test of interests.

GCSE Option Choices ENGLISH Head of Department: Mr R Hunter Exam Board: AQA English Language () and English Literature () English is in fact two subjects: English Language and English Literature. All pupils study English in Years 10 and They follow a course to GCSE in both subjects and they will receive numbers on the scale from GCSE Option Choices INTRODUCTION The GCSE years (Years 10 & 11), are a vital part of a pupil’s academic career – laying the foundation for academic success in the Sixth Form and beyond.

During his first three years at the Grammar School, your son has followed a broadly based general curriculum, allowing him to achieve a. 3. Indicate your choices by drawing a cross in the relevant box in each case on your form.

4. You will be placed on TWO of your FOUR option choices – so think carefully before deciding. Humanities choice: you must select ONE of the two choices below. GCSE Geography GCSE History Options choices: indicate four by number of preference.

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GCSE and the new list that applies to qualifications awarded from for full GCSE or for short course GCSE. The list of activities below is a full and complete list of all available activities.

Best gcse option choices

The inclusion or non-inclusion of an activity in the proposed list does not represent a view on.

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